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The Pawport pet door, a proprietary smart pet door that is adaptable to retrofit the majority of pet doors in the market. Pawport allows existing pet door owners to quickly convert their current pet door to a secure and weather resistant smart pet door without professional installation or the need to modify their existing door or home.  Pawport uses proprietary directional Bluetooth technology that assures only your pet can enter your home while wearing our unique tracker tag. The sturdy metal motorized French doors can be controlled remotely via an App and also includes an integrated alarm that will notify the owner of forced entry. The App allows pet owners to track the activities of their pet, set up schedules for times when they can go in and out and remotely lock and unlock the door. Pawport’s unique construction is an effective barrier to the environment as well as intruders. Pawport’s futuristic design is available in multiple finishes including stainless steel, wood grains and other fine finishes which changes your pet door into a work of art. The unique design allows owners to easily remove and relocate the door if they move or want to take it to another location.

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