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Complex Advanced Surfacing


The complex advanced surfacing is an essential part of the product modeling process. It allows our engineers to create designs for complex parts and manipulate solid models to get every detail right.

Complex Mechanisms


The product design process isn't always as simple as it may appear. Many products and components require complex mechanisms to ensure proper function. They can be challenging to design, but our engineering team can bring even highly advanced products with complex technical requirements to life.

Injection-Molded Part Design


Injection-molding is a must-have capability for any design shop. We utilize this process to product cost effective, robust components that offer a repeatable high volume manufacturing process. With the wide variety of engineered materials many complex problems can be solved with minimum part count.

Waterproof Sealed Design


If a client's product will contain wireless electronics or other moisture-sensitive equipment, waterproof design is a must. We'll select the right materials to create a prototype Arizona clients can use as a proof of concept to secure initial investment.

Electronics Packaging


Given the recent rise in consumer interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), it should come as no surprise that more inventors than ever are focusing on electronics design. We can create packaging that will protect even the most sensitive wireless electronics.

Design for Manufacturability


There's no sense in designing a product that can't be manufactured in cost-effective ways. That's why it's always smart to work with an engineering firm familiar with the entire design, development, and manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Process Selection


We work with China manufacturing experts capable of producing a wide range of products. Clients can trust Spline to help them select the manufacturing process that's right for them.

Material Selection


At Spline product development, we work with inventors and business owners across a wide array of industries. Our product development team is intimately familiar with the properties and benefits of an equally wide variety of materials.

Tolerance Analysis


Tolerance analysis offers engineers a method for understanding how variation in parts and assembly will affect a product or part's performance. It's an essential part of any engineering process.

Structural Analysis (FEA)


Finite element analysis (FEA) is a tool that helps engineers understand structural behavior using advanced software programs. It allows us to identify potential performance issues before creating the prototype.

Detailed Drawings Using GD&T


Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) provides a system for defining acceptable tolerance stacks between interfacing components using 2D and 3D computer aided drafting (CAD). Our engineers use this technique to determine product specifications and acceptable margins of error.

CAD Using Creo and Solidworks


Our Team of Engineers have two professional-grade options when it comes to CAD design in our Gilbert, Arizona Studio: Creo and SolidWorks. Our team is familiar with both these industry-standard software platforms.

Regulatory Compliance


Commercial electronic products are subject to strict regulatory requirements. We can perform advanced testing to ensure that they'll meet and exceed industry requirements and standards.


Our team is intimately familiar with regulatory compliance and will ensure your product meets the following standards:


  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) standards

  • And more

Concept to Manufacturing


Most of our clients don't come to us with fully developed product ideas. They have a fundamental concept in mind, then trust us to provide the design and engineering services required to bring it to fruition. Let us handle everything from concept design to selecting materials, manufacturing processes, and more.


Engineering Services

Spline's engineering services offer companies in diverse fields the ability to design and manufacture the custom products and parts they need to operate. Our clients include everyone from individual innovators working in the electronics sector to industrial manufacturers and even military product development contractors.

AZ design and engineering require diverse skill sets. It's essential to work with an engineering company that can do it all, from initial concept design to finding China manufacturing experts to produce the products or parts for broader markets. At Spline design, we offer all the engineering services our clients need.



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