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Market and Design Definition


The first step in consumer product development is to define the market and design concept. During this stage, our design team will help clients identify market opportunities and develop solutions.

User Needs and Definition


Inventors should be clear about how their ideas will benefit their consumers when working with product design companies in Arizona. This stage of the process allows inventors to define who will be using their products and how their product ideas will help address current and unmet user needs.

Concept Generation


During this stage of product design, customers begin to see their ideas come to life. Our Arizona product design team assists with concept generation and developing 2-D Sketches and 3-D CAD Models that clients can use to help us make any necessary changes before we begin the engineering phase.

User Models and Prototypes


Product design prototyping is one of the most exciting parts of working with product development services. At this stage, we take clients' ideas and the Engineered CAD models developed during the design phase and make them into a functional prototype. We go through several stages of prototype development to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Human Factors / Ergonomics


Even the most well-intentioned product won't get far if it’s not easy to use. That's why we always take human factors into account. We also consider the ergonomics during the design phase to make even complex medical device designs comfortable and easy to use.

User Interface


It's common to hear the term "user interface" applied to apps, but in fact, it's relevant to all forms of product development. The user interface is the part of the product that allows interactions with the consumers. Getting it right is essential to ensuring that the product performs well under real-user testing and real-world markets.

Design Language Development


Design language refers to how a brand's values and the designer's insights into customer use are translated into the real world. It affects everything from how the product looks to how it functions.


High-Resolution Renderings


As part of our product development services, we create high-resolution renderings. Clients can use them to seek investor support or market the product prior to development.

Animation Videos


Animation videos are just as helpful as high-resolution renderings for attracting positive attention to a product still in production. Our designers use extreme care to ensure that the animations showcase all the product's best features.

CMF (Color, Material, Finish)


Inventors expect to get more than just a functional prototype when they work with our product design house located in Arizona. They want fully finished products that perfectly match their expectations, not only in terms of function but also in form. 


CMF design usually comes in during the later prototyping stages, but don't underestimate its importance. It can affect marketability.

Product Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Product graphics play a huge role in digital product design. Some products with embedded electronics need displays that look perfect. We can create an electronics prototype that features the eye-catching graphics consumers expect today.

What is the Difference Between Design and Development?


Product design focuses on appearance and layout, while product development focuses on functionality. These two terms can be applied to everything from mobile apps to medical devices. New products must undergo multiple design and development phases before they are ready for market.



Inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses in need of new tools or products don't need to navigate the complex product design process alone. Spline Design provides product development services to help with everything from concept generation to prototype creation and more.


Spline Design is a full-service product development and engineering firm. We specialize in helping clients turn their new product ideas into reality through hands-on design, prototyping, and testing. We work with innovative minds in diverse industries to create consumer products, medical devices, and other specialized components.

Keep reading to learn more about our product development firm. Below is a list containing some of our product design services that help our future clients to make better-informed decisions.



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